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Every year on 2nd June, Telangana Day is celebrated to commemorate the formation of the Telangana state. On this day, people embrace their cultural identity and honor the people’s contribution to form a separate state outside of Andhra Pradesh. The day is also a public holiday in the state that allows people to attend the flag hoisting ceremony by the state’s chief minister and participate in cultural events. The day’s celebrations also include award and recognition ceremonies by the government to appreciate the citizens' contributions to fields like science, art, and literature.

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  • A well-designed cover slide is provided to start your presentation well.
  • One of the slides highlights a brief overview of the day.
  • You can illustrate the key highlights of the day’s celebrations via two, three, four, and six-step infographics.
  • An Indian map graphic highlights the exact position of Telangana state.
  • You can portray the journey of the movement for the formation of the new state through a timeline illustration.  
  • The demographics of Telangana are visualized through pie-chart diagrams.


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