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Title Slides (Welcome Slides)

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Powerful openings are an essential element of an effective presentation. Download our pre-designed template set of Title slides and pick any slides to use in your existing presentation. 

Introduction to what you are presenting is really important. The welcome slide is found at the beginning of any professional slideshow. It acts as an introduction by providing the title and other relevant details of the event. 

Be Creative

By cover slide, the audience can be informed of what the presentation is all about, so they can highlight important points and facts for discussion. An excellent welcome slide is an effective way of marking first impressions on the target audience. 

Now give an informative start to any of your slideshow using our Title Slides (Welcome Slides) PPT template. Here we are providing multiple slides with different designs in it. They can be used for any purpose, say if you are presenting a professional presentation for your employees or if you are a student, and you want a simple but attractive welcome slide. You can easily modify the elements or content of the slides and tailor them according to your specifications.

How Is It Useful?

It is imperative to have an appropriate title for your PPT as it would give a unique idea about the topic to your audience. 

Create a dazzling welcome slide in less time with this readily available Title Slides PowerPoint template. 

With high-quality content and infographics, this professionally designed template is the best for every purpose. Download it immediately to prepare an attractive PPT that too hassle-free. 

The Most Important Features in One Set 

  1. The slide is compatible with MS PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Apple Keynote. 
  2. You can use the slide for both standard screen size and wide screen size.
  3. HD and vector-based graphics make the visual output intact. No matter how many times you scale, resize, or recolor the elements, the resolution will remain the same. 
  4. There is a bonus vector icons slide at the end of the file. You can download and use any of them.
  5. Stunning infographics, appealing graphics, and versatile design do the rest of the work. The audience finds the whole slideshow amazing.
  6. It covers all the information regarding the topic and that too in an easy to explain manner. This is an added benefit for you.
  7. Not only with Microsoft PowerPoint, but this set works well with Google Slides and Apple Keynote too.
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