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Design Principles PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

Design Principles PowerPoint and Google Slides Template

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So much of our learning today is done online. The quality varies depending on the creator. If you’re one of the creators of this type of educational materials, whether you’re designing online courses, how-to videos or really any kind of learning materials, you need some basic design principles as the foundation for your work. Color, layout and design elements must all be in harmony for the finished project to flow artistically and practically. It has to make sense to the user, or what is the point?

We feel much the same about our Design Principles PPT template. All of the layout and design elements you want to teach are present in our template. Each slide boasts beautiful color graphics, symmetry and the ability for you to fully customize. The high definition color will grab the attention of your audience and allow you to demonstrate these principles of design in real time.

Communicate Clearly

It can be difficult to communicate abstract concepts about art and design; especially to creative types. We’ve made your job a whole lot easier by giving you a template that’s easy to edit with high quality graphics. You simply choose your color theme and add your sub-headings and data. It’s truly easy to give a beautiful and professional presentation, even if you’ve never created a PPT presentation before!

Let us give you an edge on teaching your design principles by demonstrating them in these high definition color slides. We have all the design elements of balance, unity, harmony and contrast present for you to share. The beauty of this template is that you can add or remove data, edit and resize as needed for the presentation you want to give. The template is available for Google Slides, Apple Keynote, and Microsoft PowerPoint. No matter what platform you choose, you will have the ability to create a stellar presentation that communicates clearly all of your ideas for teaching design elements. Keep your audience engaged from beginning to end with our colorful and interesting PPT template. Make it your own and deliver with confidence. Download yours today.

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