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The eastern sub-region of Asia is one of the most influential part of the world. It comprises of some of the most powerful global economies like China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and more. More than 1.6 billion people live in East Asia, which comprises of over one-fifth of the global population. The area is culturally diverse and influences the rest of the world in more ways than one can imagine. If your organization is also associated with this region, then you can represent your information in a superior way by taking the assistance of these maps based on East Asia.

To make things easier for you, our experts have drafted this comprehensive set of various kinds of PowerPoint maps of East Asia region. You can easily use these slides to represent your demographic data related to the region. Additionally, it can also be used for educational purposes. If you wish to impart productive knowledge to your audience about the region, then these maps will certainly come handy to you. Since the region has some of the most flourishing major economies in the world, you should make your audience aware of it. If your organization deals with any client related to these countries, then you can draft an impressive pitch using these high-definition vectors.

The set consists of different kinds of political and regional maps that will make your job a whole lot easier. Provide details regarding every country of the region and focus on their major cities. Let your audience know how various locations are connected, what are their climatic factors, or simply provide well-researched demographic information about the region using these vectors. You can also focus on each country by simply zooming out the location. We have also provided different kinds of vectors, pins, and maps separately in the template that can be used to customize your slideshow.

These maps are made in high-definition and are entirely editable, letting you customize the set as per your wishes. It's very easy to include these editable map slides in your existing presentations.

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