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Non Hierarchical Org Chart

Non Hierarchical Org Chart

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Showcase the types and features of non-hierarchical organization in a detailed and eye-pleasing manner using our innovatively designed Non-Hierarchical ORG Chart PPT template. The deck comprises uniquely designed illustrations, high-quality icons, and well-researched content. You can use it to showcase who holds the decision-making authority in non-hierarchical organizations while representing its key advantages, such as encouraging functional diversity, creativity, flexibility, etc. Business experts can represent the scenarios where non-hierarchical structure works best and where not.

Explain the Concept with Power-Packed Designs

  • The egoless programming structure is highlighted in slide one.
  • Through several human silhouette infographics, you can beautifully showcase that under a non-hierarchical structure, each team is responsible for making relevant decisions and reports to a single leader.
  • Using the beautiful illustration, you can depict how employees with different roles and responsibilities collaborate to perform a specific task and acquire the desired goals.
  • The non-hierarchical project organization is exhibited via a well-designed flowchart diagram.
  • The last slide portrays how different employees collaborate while reporting to their respective team leaders.

Let’s Have a Look at the Features

  • You can edit the visuals, infographics, and other elements without any prior editing experience or external help.
  • Project the visual elements to even wide screens without losing the resolution.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of usages.

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