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Starting a venture is easy, but taking it to the zenith of success is hard. It requires a lot of effort, like adequate planning, execution, continuous efforts, patience, innovation, etc. All these factors act as seeds that you saw today to grow a fruitful tree and reap the potential benefits tomorrow. Using our Startup Timeline PPT template, you can beautifully exhibit a plan/roadmap to transform your startup into a successful business.

Startup owners, business experts, leaders, and departmental heads can use this feature-rich set to portray the plans and strategies to accomplish the tasks, exhibiting the significance of investing into impending markets, employees, and other key areas for the business’ bright future. 

Key Highlights of the PowerPoint Slides

  • A diagram of the transformation of a seed into a wealthy plant highlights the importance of putting in continuous efforts and the elements required to help a startup reach new heights.
  • An infographic of a rocket going in the sky can be used to display the required elements to accomplish the mission and make the planning successful.
  • A beautiful timeline diagram represents a concise overview of the plans, tasks, and milestones on a monthly basis.


  • All the objects are designed from scratch, leaving no room for copyright infringement issues.
  • You can easily alter the infographics and other deck elements to make them in line with your existing or upcoming presentations’ tone.
  • You can use the set for a lifetime by downloading it once.

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