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Maps form an essential part of certain presentations. These can be anything starting from regular business meetings to important collaborative activities with your clients from a certain part of the world. You may simply feel the need of pointing out important places or regions associated with your business. Or your aim can be to bring into notice your office headquarters or the regions where you've established your business. But creating really attractive map for the purpose can give an instant fever! This is why we bring to you pre-designed PowerPoint Portugal Map Slides. Professionally created with complete care of creativity, and technical smartness, this unique set of maps will fulfill all your visualization needs.

The slides cover all the major cities and geographical regions of Republic of Portugal be it Lisbon or Viana do Castelo or Beja. As the slides are fully customizable, you can add different colors to different parts of the map to highlight important cities or areas within the cities. You also get to insert special symbols and props like flags, pinpoints and so on to put extra emphasis on particular regions. Whether you aim at displaying the entire country in one slide or feel the need of individualizing specific places, you have the possibility.

You can be an entrepreneur focusing on a recent business expansion. Perhaps you're an educationist focusing on physical features of the country or a travel guide offering travel landmark to your fellow travelers. Whatever you needs maybe, you can include the template in your presentation and communicate with confidence and power.


Portugal, officially known as Portuguese Republic, is a unitary semi-presidential republic located in Southern Europe. It shares Iberian Peninsula on the western European tip with Spain. Basically, it is the westernmost country of the European mainland and its west is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. Other than the continental Portugal, the country also has sovereignty over the Azores and Madeira, which are the archipelagos in Atlantic Ocean and are autonomous regions within the Republic.

Though it is somewhat isolated from its neighbors, both geographically and culturally, the country has rich and unique culture of its own. It has amazing landscape diversity with green mountains in the North, beauteous slopes and falls in the Centre, almost desert like areas around Alentejo region and spectacular beaches of Algarve in the south. At the same time, a really rich biodiversity forms its part. It also has a unique share in the European history as it played a vital part in the age of discovery. Historically, it was also the first and longest global empire. This makes it an ultimate tourist attraction.

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