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Some messages need much more than mere words. They need succinct elegance enmeshed with clear cut illustration. Of course, by mixing visuals with your words you can get the needed effectiveness. However, when your aim is to point out specific geographic details, maps prove ideal solution. Creating them, nevertheless, is easier said than done. Thus, understanding your need, we bring to you ready-to-use substitute. Our pre-designed PowerPoint Morocco Map Templates will suffice your requirements as well as disburden you from the complex task of slide creation. Wherever your message suggests the involvement of topographical details pertaining to Morocco, you can depend on the set.

Best for diverse usage, you can use the set for multipurpose reasons. Explain your sales territories or introduce the newly added areas in your internationally expanded business region. The set includes large selection of colours along with variety of shapes and symbols. This extensive collection gives you an ample opportunity to stay creative and give your message a perfect vivacious touch.


Morocco is a North African country in the Maghreb region. It is a constitutional monarchy with unitary parliamentary form of government with all the executive and legislative powers in the hand of the king. The country mainly consists of rugged mountains and Saharan deserts. Other than Spain and France, it is the only country to have Atlantic as well as Mediterranean coastlines. Spread over an area of 446,550 km2, it has its claim over the non-self-governing territory of Western Sahara included as its Southern Provinces. It has a population of 33 million people. With its geographic diversity and beautiful archaeology, it has a strong tourism sector. Tourism also plays significant role in its economy and works as a second largest foreign exchange earner for the nation after its flourishing phosphate industry. In the year 2013 alone, it attracted more than 10 million tourists. It enjoys a liberal economy which works on the principle of supply and demand.

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