Saint Petersburg Map

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Saint Petersburg Map


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Download our Saint Petersburg Map template for PowerPoint and Google Slides to showcase various aspects of this Russian city in a visually engaging manner. Business professionals can illustrate their business presence in the city, market dynamics to establish or expand business in  Saint Petersburg, and more. Educators can use this graphic-rich deck to showcase the city’s cultural richness, history, economic conditions, and other demographic and geographic information. Tour operators can leverage the visuals to highlight popular tourist attractions and help travelers get an overview of the city’s key points of interest. Architects can make the most of this set to illustrate the city’s diverse architectural styles.

A Quick Look at the Slides

  • Saint Petersburg’s map infographics highlight the city's geographical boundaries and major areas.
  • One of the slides contains the icons of flags and GPS pins with symbols of different transportation mediums, including trains, buses, ships, airplanes, etc. You can leverage them to depict the transportation mediums available in the city.
  • The icons of clouds with the sun, rain droplets, and more can be used to display the weather and climatic conditions of the city.


  • It’s super easy to customize the deck elements to match your preferences.
  • The set is carefully designed to keep copyright issues at bay.
  • All visuals are designed considering high definition to ensure uninterrupted resolution on all screen dimensions.

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