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Oslo Map

Oslo Map

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(7 Editable Slides)
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Use our captivating Oslo Map template for PowerPoint and Google Slides to spruce up your presentations and present complex textual information in an easy-to-understand manner. Business development managers can use these map infographics to display the locations of business outlets, sales trends in the region, survey results based on location, demographics of a new target market, etc. Educators can use this graphic-rich set to present literacy rate, population, towns and major regions of the city, etc.

These captivating slides will give a touch of creativity and professionalism to your presentation. So, lay your hands on them now!

A Quick Look at your Slides

  • The geographical map visuals represent all areas of the city.
  • You can leverage the Norway Flag pin infographic to visualize the history, geography, and cultural information of the capital city of Norway.
  • The striking infographic of a slide man holding a Norway flag can be used to exhibit crucial details about the city, such as literacy rate, gender ratio, etc.
  • The slide featuring GPS and map pins with the signs of different transportation mediums can be used to illustrate the transportation details available in the city.

Excellent Features

  • You don’t need technical skills or prior editing experience to make the desired changes.
  • The quality of the visuals won’t get disturbed, even when presented on a bigger screen.
  • All graphics are crafted from scratch to avoid copyright infringement issues.

Download this graphic-rich set to craft impactful presentations!

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